Koi, Pond Life (Live Goods)

There is something soothing about watching fish as they swim and dart about the pond. Not only do they add color and movement to your pond, but they are also a necessary element in the pond's ecosystem. Besides helping with the water quality cycle, fish will reduce the chances of mosquitoes infesting your pond. Outdoor Living and Watergardens carries several types of fish, including Japanese and domestic Koi, Butterfly Koi, Comets, Shubunkins,
Hi-Fin Sharks and tadpoles.

Outdoor Living and Watergardens prides itself on offering only the best pond life, fish and Koi available to our customers. We are a Black Water Creek Koi dealer for their domestic Koi and carry Japanese Koi from Sakai of Hiroshima, Omosako, HanJuro and Yokota.

We invite you to visit our Garden Center and see our excellent selection of fish.